Showing up for work on a Monday morning even though you had the day off because you forgot that you requested a personal day. Hi, I'm Emily!

I like crafty things, books, The Office, and starting projects that probably won't get finished. (If Greta is the knitting/baking pro, I'm the do-random-crafts pro.)

Little stabs right through my patience.

What I'm currently working on: sashiko ("little stabs")

Supplies: Pillow kit from Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, CO (white fabric w/printed design, sashiko needle, purple thread)

Skills needed: patience, dexterity, quilting knot (wtf is a quilting knot)

How likely that I'll finish it: Pretty likely, though I'm in no rush...

The instructions are in Japanese, but I think they basically say "This is a craft that even monkeys can do. The one thing you're not supposed to do is let the fabric pucker. Even monkeys can figure out how to keep the fabric from puckering." I have not mastered the not puckering, but hopefully a good press when it's done will take care of the problem!

The project did start to grow on me after I set it down for an hour or so. I could see how this could be relaxing, once you get the hang of how to hold the needle and fabric.


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