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Greta's Finished Projects and Such

So it's been a little while... I have made such many things since my last post, so here we go! 😁

I knit a couple things as test knits for Sari Nordlund: the Onnen sweater (the pattern hasn't been released yet) and the 2x2 Hat. I really like both of them, I wear the hat all the time (and just started my second one last night), and I wore the sweater for the first time yesterday. I am not crazy about the yarn I used for the sweater, so many fuzzies coming off of it, I could not keep up! After the third or fourth lint rollering I finally just took it off, so now I need to figure out how to deal with that.

This summer I also participated in the Summer of Basics hosted by Karen Templer of Fringe Association. I was all over the place with what I chose to make, and I just kept adding more so I didn't finish everything, but I got some good things out of it! And I'm already thinking about how I'll do it better next year. I think my best makes were the smallest ones - three …

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