I'm Greta and I also like crafty things and The Office, plus baking, plants, and taking on projects larger than I should and adding things to them to make them even more complicated. 😊

What I'm currently working on: At the moment I'm finishing up some Christmas presents - a hat for my brother and an Icelandic Lopi for my husband, Charlie. I am deep in to a game of yarn chicken with the lopi and I've made a few modifications to the yoke to try and make it work, but only time will tell!

This will be my first time steeking a sweater and I would be lying if I said I wasn't super nervous. 😅 I didn't make a swatch for this sweater because I already made a version for myself and just used that to calculate my gauge, so I don't have the swatch to practice steeking on. I can't decide if I'll make one to test it or just go for it, but I'm leaning towards go for it. 

Supplies: Left over O-Wash Sport for the hat and Istex Lettlopi for the sweater. I still need to buy a zipper for the sweater, but I'm waiting until it's done to make sure I buy the correct size (or I might have one in my stash that would work).

Skills needed: Forearm strength for moving that GD sweater around as I'm knitting. Mostly just basic knitting skills though, the colorwork on the yoke of the sweater only requires two colors at a time, so it's not overly complicated.

How likely that I'll finish them (in time for Christmas): Pretty likely I think. I have to spend basically all of my free time knitting, but that's what I always want to do anyway so it works out. I think there's a decent chance the sweater won't have its zipper in time, but it should at least be a wearable sweater by Christmas.

Also, I just saw this but I don't know how promising that is...


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