Fringe and Friends Log Along

I decided to join in on the Fringe Association Log Along on a whim at the end of last month. My first thought was I have zero ideas on what to make, but then I pulled out some yarn and just start knitting. After knitting a couple of sections I decided that I wanted to make slippers; my thoughts went something along the lines of "What log cabin thing would be best in a log cabin? Slippers!" 😄 I had a couple of trial and error attempts at the construction, and it's still not quite perfect, but I'm pretty happy with them overall.

The slipper sole gave me the most trouble. I originally wanted these to be all one piece/no seaming, but it worked the best to knit the slipper top and the sole separately and then seam them.

When I first started working on them I forgot to write down what I was doing, so my instructions are lacking some finer points. I also started with measurements instead of row count, so they aren't exactly the same size, though I was able to fix most of that in the blocking stage. Originally I thought maybe I would write a pattern for them, but I'm not totally sure how to work them in to different sizes. I plan to play around with it a bit more and see how it goes, so maybe!

Over the weekend I also attempted a loaf of sourdough using the starter I've been working on this winter and it went okay... 😥 It's an edible loaf of bread that tastes pretty good, but it's a little more pancake shaped than it should be. I also neglected to actually read the recipe I chose in its entirety before I started, so I didn't realize how many steps and time it required and shorted a few steps just to try and finish it in the time I had. It was a good first step though and I'm anxious to try again!

Yep, we already ate some :)


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