Lacy Socks

I've been on a kick lately to knit up the perfect pair of summery lace socks, and while I like what I've made so far I think I will continue to search. 😏 I made up the patterns myself (the socks, not the stitches, those are from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns), I'm hoping to eventually publish them but I'm always so intimidated when it comes to that part because of all the beautiful patterns already out there. I might try one more iteration of lace socks and then start working on grading the patterns for different sizes.

The first ones I'm calling Lace Weaver because the stitch pattern kind of reminded me of a spider's web. I used a mystery lace weight I've had in my stash for quite some time. I think the yarn is mostly wool, if not all, because the swatch felted pretty easily when I was testing it. I carried the stockinette up the back of the ankle farther than I normally would and I think I like it! Plus it should make them wear a little easier with shoes not rubbing on the lace too much.

The second pair I'm calling Leafy Lace socks at the moment, but they don't look as "leafy" as the stitch pattern did in the book, so I'm not totally sold on that name. These aren't quite done, and I've messed up the gusset increase and heel turn a (very) slight amount on the second sock, which is annoying me more than it should but is probably unnoticeable to everyone except me. 😥 These are also in a lace weight yarn, this time it's Manos del Uruguay Marina in Petrol that I bought as a treat to myself when I was in Asheville, NC last year. 

Taking normal pictures of socks is so hard!

I'm getting a little tired of knitting in lace weight on size 0 needles, so I think my next project will be something bigger, but I'm having trouble deciding what that will be... Usually I have more than one knit project going at a time, but I'm in a bit of a knitting slump and can't seem to find my groove. I've swatched a few things, and added things to my Ravelry queue but I haven't found just the right project yet. In the meantime I've been working on English Paper Piecing hexies, I think I have more than 600 right now, but no actual plan for what I'm doing with them, they're just an easy project to keep my hands busy wherever I am!

Pattern Groups

All together now! 😎

My to-go kit made out of an old tin.


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